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ProGuard Security Solutions is a professional, dynamic security company founded by Johan Stassen in 2014, with more than eighteen years of industry experience and military background. Located in Kimberley, Northern Cape, the business provides residential, corporate, mining, retail and industrial security services. ProGuard Security Solutions targets the market at the top end of the private security industry and provides a quality, holistic, customer-centric service to their clients by means of excellent service delivery by well trained and registered security personnel.

"Our control room operates 24/7/365 and records hourly situation reports from all clients sites"

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Crime is a very real part of daily life in South Africa, and the worrying fact is that all types of crime is on the increase due to various socio-economic factors such as poverty, an influx of illegal immigrants, job scarcity and substance abuse. There is, at the moment, no meaningful response from the government to combat the crime wave, and a largely under budgeted and understaffed police force lacks the manpower and resources to make any significant impact.

The general public has lost confidence in the police service and most private individuals and businesses resort to private security companies. At the moment there is a substantial demand for ethical, professional, quality security service providers with adequately trained and PSIRA registered security personnel. Most security companies are started by people who have no experience or in depth understanding of the services they wish to provide, and they weaken the industry by employing inexperienced and unregistered guards, mostly illegal immigrants, whom they pay less than minimum wage to safeguard their clients’ property and assets. This contributes to the already negative perception of the private security industry and limits the growth potential of the industry in terms of revenue and job creation.

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